All in person workshops around the state have been postponed until the further notice. Please look for our virtual workshops and webinars starting in April.  

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David Crosby, PhD, Past President

Virginia Academy of Science

 Fish Health Specialist

Aquaculture Program

Virginia State University

PO Box 9081

Petersburg, VA 23806

Ofc: 804/524-3653

Cell: 804/712-3771

Aquaculturefor Homesteading: Rural and Urban

We still have time to make adjustments to it. All Sessionswill be on Tuesdays from 10 to 11 am

So far, we have four sessions for this programming topic.

The First Session is scheduled for August 4 from 10 -11 am.

Need three week lead time for our Marketing Department.

Proposed Program Agenda (revised 7/10/20)



Specific Subject Areas

Potential Speakers/ Comments


10-11 am

10 minutes

What is homesteading?

Rural vs. Urban Approach


1st session

August 4

15 minutes

Maybe longer

Introduction and general overview of aquaculture


·       Fish for Virginia

·       Fingerling sources

·       Production Systems

·       Feed

·       Permits


1st Session

August 4

20 minutes


 Pond Cages

Pond Raceways


·       Fish for cages

·       Cage Construction

·       Type of Cages

·       Airlift pumps


1st session

August 4

45-50 minutes


Aquaponics and Tanks

·       Choosing a greenhouse for small-scale aquaponics

·       Components for Aquaponics

·       Hydroponics set up


2nd session

August 11

30 Minutes


·       Tank Design

·       Biofilters

·       Solid Collectors

·       Pumps

·       Water Flow


3rd session

August 18

20 minutes

Water Quality and Fish Health Considerations

·       Test Kits

·       Oxygen

·       WQ parameters

·       Diseases


3rd session

August 18

15 minutes

Recreational Fisheries

·       How to manage the fish population

·       How to develop Fee Fish Operation


4th session

August 25

20 minutes

Processing Fish for home use

·       Hand processing

·       Vacuum packing fish for the Freezer


4th session

August 25

15 minutes

Potential Sales of Aquaculture Products

·       How to sell in a local market

van Senten

4th session

August 25