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Farm Safety Workshop — Virginia Cooperative Extension – Virginia State University

Each year more than 300 commercial tractor related deaths occur. Almost half of these are caused by overturns. Many are caused by PTOs not being shielded or shut down properly. Other causes include vehicle collisions, hitting overhead objects such as tree limbs, being crushed during repairs, or being burned during re-fueling. This workshop will review a variety of practices to help you remain safe on the farm including how to be knowledgeable about the tractor and use it safely and properly, conduct pre-operational safety checks, and special precautions necessary for operating equipment on rough terrain and slopes. Use of personal protective equipment also will be reviewed.

They will also provide additional resources to help you learn more about farm safety and answer questions about avoiding risk on your farm.

For more information, contact Small Farm Outreach Program Agent Cliff Somerville (csomerville@vsu.edu / (804) 892-4581 or call the Small Farm Outreach Program office at (804) 524-3292.