All in person workshops around the state have been postponed until the further notice. Please look for our virtual workshops and webinars starting in April.  

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Ramble with us through the urban forests of greater Fredericksburg as we follow the life cycle of an urban tree from cradle to grave. The city’s urban forest canopy and zero wood waste goals take work and partnerships both to plant new trees and to use old trees. These bookends function to provide valuable human and wildlife habitat features right where lots of people live, work, and play.

Stop 1: The Brompton Oak & Living History – One of Virginia’s most famous trees provided shelter to confederate soldiers and later, to convalescing union fighters. The big white oak has also witnessed the growth of scientific arboriculture and will soon watch the conversion of part of the President of the University of Mary Washington’s yard to native meadow.

Stop 2. Small spaces & Big Changes – Imagine a pocket park… or a small backyard that is more. More biomass, habitat, and value. And at the same time, less… less work and waste. It starts with the simple act of planting a tree. Observe species & age diversity in this urban forest snap shot and the conversion of a backyard into a zero grass oasis with escalating ecosystem value.

Stop 3. Urban Lumber? – Logging and lumber manufacturing from the urban forests is both different and the same as rural forestlands. Watch the reveal of beauty unique to high-character urban trees and the creation of value-added products from what might have previously been firewood, at best.

Stop 4. Much ‘ado @ Mulch – Norfleet has been turning tree and wood “waste” into treasure for 50 years. This behind the scenes mulch making tour will invite you into a process that completes an urban tree’s lifecycle as it is transformed into a product that benefits living trees, creates beauty and enables Fredericksburg to brag about their ZERO wood waste accomplishment!

For more information, contact Adam Downing,, 540-948-6881.