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From Chris Bergh’s blog: https://blogs.ext.vt.edu/tree-fruit-pest/

Greetings, In view of thefact that we can’t hold in-person Extension meetings until further notice, we’dlike to add a new feature to our programming to fill that gap as best we can.Starting this Tuesday, March 31, we will hold meetings each Tuesday from 12 – 1PM via the Zoom video-conferencing software. Dr. Sherif, myself, and perhapsDrs. Yoder and Pfeiffer (as available) will provide seasonal updates, takequestions, and facilitate conversation among you. Zoom has become a widelyadopted way to hold video-conferences and is quite easy to use after you’vedone it once or twice. You can participate via your PC or laptop, using the linkprovided at the bottom of this post, or you can call in using the telephonenumber provided. Many laptops have a built-in camera, enabling you to see usand vice versa. Some, but not all PCs also have a camera, but others (likemine) have a camera installed as a separate device. While a camera is nice, itis not necessary. Most importantly, your PC or laptop computer should have abuilt-in microphone to enable conversation among us, which most do. If not, asI mentioned before, you can call in via phone. Zoom is a free download, so ifyou wish to join these meetings using your computer, it would be good toinstall that in advance. Otherwise, you will be prompted to do so when youclick the “Join” link at the end of this message. Our IT person here has providedguidance (below) to help facilitate this for you. The advantage of joining viacomputer is that you will be able to see anything that we share on the screen,including Powerpoint slides, pictures, etc. We hope this will be a useful toolthat will enable us to work together as this season progresses and that youwill join us for some or all of these. There will undoubtedly be a learningcurve as we make this happen, but learning new tools is never a bad thing.Again, at the bottom of this post is the link for joining this first meeting. Iwill also ask your Extension agents to distribute the invitation by e-mail.Stay tuned.

How Do I Join a Meeting? 

  1. Click the join link. 
  2. First-time Zoom users will be prompted to download the client.  
  3. Open Zoom Meetings. 
  4. When the host starts the meeting, follow the onscreen instructions to connect your audio. 

Joining ConferenceAudio and Video 

Join Zoom Meeting

MeetingID: 999 000 793