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If Trees Could Talk: Urban Tree Ring Analysis

 Wednesday September 9, 2020 – Noon to 1 pm

Speaker:  Dr. Eric North, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Arborists and consultants are frequently called to assess claims of damage to trees. Without management records or direct evidence of the damage it is difficult to determine what impact an action or event had on the growth of trees.

Case studies and research will be presented using tree-ring analysis  as evidence in legal disputes regarding alleged damage to trees and to determine the long-term effects on tree growth.

The first case study involved a chemical application on a large landscape that was alleged to have negatively impacted tree health and growth.

The second case study involved a homeowner dispute with a contractor regarding the damage of several large trees following a basement construction project. Research on construction damage and tree assessment will also be presented along with the tree ring collection and limitations.

Thank you to Virginia Cooperative Extension for hosting these webinars!