At a time when demand for healthy local food is skyrocketing, farmers markets face incredible hurdles due to COVID-19.

VAFMA is hosting two online training classes that will detail how 9 different markets are navigating this obstacle course.

In the trainings, you’ll hear from market managers at rural, urban and suburban markets; government run, private and non-profit markets.  They will share their successes and lessons learned along with their communication strategies, signage, market rules, physical structure, social distancing practices, use of volunteers, payment methods and more.

VAFMA staff will summarize the recommendations and resources shared.

Registration for the trainings is limited. Recordings will be available.

Cost is $15 per person, per training

Vendor-Managed Pre-Orders

April 23, 2020, Noon – 2:00 PM EST

At each of the markets featured, vendors take their own pre-orders and online sales. However, the markets have all responded with varying set-ups and processes that adapt to their available space and location restrictions. There are drive thru markets, curbside pickups and walk through shopping as well as markets that combine those options.

Amy Jordan, We Dig Tidewater markets (private, urban) – Pre-Pay Only, Drive Thru Pickup

Leslie Vanover, Marion Regional Farmers Market (government, rural) – Curbside & Walk Up Pickup

Deb Mathews, Leesburg Farmers Market (cooperative, suburban) – Walk Up Pickup

Ricky Kowalewski, Lynchburg Community Market (government, urban) – Curbside Pickup + Walk Up/Call-In Orders

Chelsea Roseberry, FreshFarm (non-profit, urban & suburban) – Walk Up at Multiple Markets

Market-Managed Online Sales

April 28, 2020, Noon – 2:00 PM EST

Online markets are experiencing major increases in sales and the market managers in this training have jumped in. We will hear about four markets – each one uses a different ordering platform – Locally Grown, Lulus Local Food, Whats Good, Wosomoso. They also use different distribution methods — home delivery, curbside pickup and multiple pickup locations. One market has been online since 2013, the others are new since COVID-19.

Justin McKenzie, Charlottesville City Market (government, urban) – Lulus Local Food, Drive Thru Pickup

Michelle Pridgen, Independence Farmers Market (non-profit, rural) – Locally Grown, Curbside Pickup

Tracy Frey, Williamsburg Farmers Market (government, urban) – Wosomoso, Home Delivery

Calib Miller, Healthy Chesapeake (non-profit, urban) – What’s Good, Pickup Locations

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